All About Ferne Beauty

Ferne Beauty is an innovative faux tanning brand designed around the busy woman who wants to maintain a warm glow all week long. Ferne beauty is not just about being bronzed, we’ve included Collagen (to enhance and encourage firmer skin), Vitamin E (keeping skin fresher, brighter and looking timeless) and argan oil (to moisturise, hydrate and keep skin soft), so that you can have a healthy glow while also be kind to your skin and gaining the benefits of our unique formula.

Now we are aware that faux tan doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to scent so we have combated that too! We’ve combined Pear, Peony & notes of Bergamot to create a scent that finishes off your tan fabulously. Sunless tanning has never smelt so good.

Our range boasts shades to compliment all skin tones and help you in achieving the look you are striving for – gone are the orange hues of yester year and here is the range designed to give you a warm healthy glow! Our tans come in both a lotion and a mousse so that you can choose the formula you are most comfortable with.

Our Natural Glow bronzing range is designed for the woman who wants naturally glowing skin all week long, it develops to the most subtle sun-kissed tones.

Our Deep Glow bronzing range was created for the woman who seeks a naturally dark looking tan, perfect for deeper skin tones or going from day to night.

The Express Tan range is perfect for the busy female who wants a natural to deep looking tan on-the-go. The fast-developing formula lets you sweep it on just an hour before you leave the house for a natural colour, or 4 hours for a deeper glow, giving you the opportunity to tailor your colour to the shade you desire.

The Gradual Lotion is aimed at the busy female who wants to build a naturally dark glowing colour that lasts all week long. Apply it like a moisturiser to build your colour daily until you reach your desired hue of bronze. This is perfect for going from desk to dancefloor when the weekend arrives.

Ferne Beauty has been developed with you in mind with a range to suit all women, of all shapes, sizes and lifestyles. At Ferne Beauty it is our belief that a warm glow can make any girl feel amazing and so we have designed a product that gives an accessible, natural way to get the glow every day without the health risks associated with sun tanning.

Check out our range now to find your perfect glow!